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Extending the Life of the Built Environment

Providing expertise in assessment, investigation and testing of buildings and structures to determine the current conditions and provide technically correct solutions to the root cause of non-performance.

From small projects to large, we strive to provide clear, concise documents to meet the repair goals and mitigate the potential for change orders while keeping the Owner’s budget in mind.

Using our knowledge of construction systems, material life expectancy, sustainability, and durability to assist clients in developing an asset management program which meets the Owner’s repair and maintenance goals and budgets.

Featured Project

For many centuries, Hindu temples have been designed and constructed with the techniques outlined in the Shipla Shastras texts. Unlike other similar Hindu temples, cracks were observed on the exterior marble beams which could affect structural integrity of the porticos. Walker was retained to investigate the cause of the cracks.

What Others Say About Us

Amy J. Story, P.E.

“You provided a detailed investigative report that addressed both technical and financial issues with extending the garages’ life span… Your firm helped us through the difficult garage restoration. Should similar projects arise we would be happy to use your firm again.”

Amy J. Story, P.E.State College Borough Engineer – Borough of State College
Gary A. Gilot, P.E.

“Walker provided the City of South Bend with expert technical and economic analysis so we could make well informed and good public policy decision… We can recommend Walker to any community facing similar decisions on what to do with old parking structures. They have the technical expertise and they listened to our pocketbook issues and delivered a responsive solution.”

Gary A. Gilot, P.E.Director of Public Works – City of South Bend
Patrick M. Miller

“… we want to personally thank you and your team at Walker for the superb job you did in assisting the Authority in completing the restoration project… The Authority is well satisfied with the attention to detail and engineering expertise that allowed this project to come on line within an acceptable time frame and well within budget.”

Patrick M. MillerExecutive Director – Altoona Parking Authority
Norman Whitney

“You and your team were an absolute answer to our prayers. Beginning with the first report… and concluding with the final evaluation of the proposed lower water barrier fixes, your work was invaluable. We respected your wisdom and leadership, and found your recommendations to be comprehensive and unyielding to any short-cuts proposed by our general contractor.”

Norman WhitneyExecutive Pastor – West Ridge Community Church